The Telephone/ Trouble In Tahiti

Signature Series

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February 18 & 19, 2016  – 7:30pm
February 20 & 21, 2016  – 3:00pm

Tri-Cities Opera Center
315 Clinton St.
Binghamton, NY 13905


Tri-Cities Opera continues its Signature Series with this double-bill.  Menotti’s The Telephone and Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti, a Tri-Cities Opera premiere, will be conducted by Warren Jones and directed by Carleen Graham.  These productions bring to life two romantic relationships at very different stages, and the timeless realities of not-so-perfect love in the modern era.

The Telephone/
Trouble in Tahiti
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Ben, bearing a gift, comes to visit Lucy at her apartment; he wants to propose to her before he leaves on a trip. Despite his attempts to get her attention for sufficient time to ask his question, Lucy is occupied with interminable conversations on the telephone. Between her calls, when Lucy leaves the room, Ben even takes the risk of trying to cut the telephone cord, though his attempt is unsuccessful. Not wanting to miss his train, Ben leaves without asking Lucy for her hand in marriage. But Ben makes one last attempt: He calls Lucy from a telephone booth outside on the street and makes his proposal. She consents, and the two join in a romantic duet over the phone line, at the end of which Lucy makes sure that Ben remembers her phone number.

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THE TELPHONE is presented by arrangement with G. Schirmer, INC. publisher and copyright owner.


Patrick Jones



Time: 1950’s

Place: Suburban America
A trio of jazz vocalists advertises the charms of ideal family life in 1950s Suburbia, U.S.A. In their little house, Sam and Dinah quarrel at breakfast. After ten years of marriage they wish they could be kind to each other, but there is no real communication between them. In his office, Sam clinches a deal and makes a loan with his customary élan. The trio extols his business acumen and big heart. On her psychiatrist’s couch, Dinah relates a dream: as she struggled to find her way out of a crying garden, a voice beckoned to her, promising that love would lead her to a quiet place. The couple avoids each other at lunch, reminiscing about the beautiful garden of peace and life where they met. The trio sings a vivid interlude about suburban life. Sam goes to the gym rather than attend his son’s handball game, commenting on his own will and desire to succeed. Dinah excitedly describes the escapist musical Trouble in Tahiti, belying her outward suggestion that the movie was awful. Sam and Dinah return home, while the choir sings commentary. The couple argues again briefly before Sam wearily suggests a movie – some new musical about Tahiti. Dinah winces, then agrees, and they both depart to seek out the artificial magic of the silver screen.

TROUBLE IN TAHITI is presented by arrangement with Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., Sole Agent for Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing Company LLC, publisher and copyright owner.

Jake Stamatis
Jazz Trio Soprano

Stacey Geyer

Jazz Trio Tenor

Quinn Bernegger

Jazz Trio Baritone

Patrick Jones