Tri-Cities Opera Touring Educational Program

OPERA-GO-ROUND, Tri-Cities Opera’s Touring Educational Program, is celebrating 44 years of bringing live musical performances to schools throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Annually, Opera-Go-Round performs for as many as 20,000 students. Our mission is simple: to bring great music to the newest generation of listeners! This year, our children’s opera is Goldie B. Locks and the Three Singing Bears, a vibrant retelling of the classic story set to the music of Mozart and Offenbach, with a brand new scenic design by AmarA. It is an operatic version of the classic fairy tale featuring a modern-day Goldie with a love of bugs, a baby bear named Pee, who’s determined to earn his Detective Merit Badge as a Junion Smoky Scout, and plenty of kid-friendly humor. This John Davies creation delivers a gentle message about owning up to your mistakes and confiding in the people you trust. treating others as you would like to be treated. We are proud to welcome Mr. Davies to direct this spirited opera featuring Tri-Cities Opera’s 2018-2019 Resident Artists. Interested in booking Opera-Go-Round for your school or venue? There is a program for every age group.

For bookings and more information:
email TCO Educational Outreach Coordinator, Karin Phillips
or call (607) 729-3444 x10

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