After a hungry night, lost in a haunted forest, Hansel & Gretel happen upon an enchanted cottage made entirely of sweets. But, dark things often lurk in magical places and the Gingerbread Witch who lives inside is hungry too. Spellbound, the siblings must rely on each other to avoid the witch’s oven.

M&T Bank Maestro, Vlad Iftinca, conducts the Tri-Cities Opera Orchestra and breathes life into Humperdinck’s charming folk-inspired score in this brand new production with scenic design by AmarA*jk. Cara Consilvio‘s creative stage direction and a fresh English translation by Kathleen Kelly ensure Hansel & Gretel’s place as a family favorite for generations to come.  Sung in English with English Opera Titles.

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November 11, 2016  – 7:30pm

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November 12, 2016 – 7:30pm
November 13, 2016 – 3:00pm

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November 18, 2016  – 7:30pm

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November 19, 2016 – 7:30pm
November 20, 2016 – 3:00pm

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Tri-Cities Opera Center
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315 Clinton St
Binghamton, NY 13905

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Act I

The hut of the broom-maker, at the edge of the forest.

Hansel and Gretel play, quarrel, and reconcile in a dance. Their mother, Gertrude, enters and is angry to find them idle, rather than working. In her anger, she knocks over the pitcher of milk a neighbor has brought. The children had hoped the milk would be used for a rice pudding, a rare treat in their poverty-stricken home. An angry and desperate Gertrude, knowing that there will be no supper for her family, sends the children out to pick strawberries in the forest.

An off-stage song announces the return of Peter, her husband, apparently drunk as usual. He has celebrated his success selling his brooms at the village market and has brought home sausages, bread and other food. When he asks Gertrude where the children are, she tells him that she has sent them to the forest. Peter tells her about the wicked witch who lives there using sweetmeats to lure children to her lair, where she bakes them in her oven.  Horrified, Gertrude and Peter rush out to the forest in search of their children.

Act II

The forest, evening.

An orchestral prelude depicts the Witch’s Ride. As the children search for strawberries in the dark forest, Gretel weaves a garland of flowers and sings of a little man who lives in there. Hansel crowns his sister with the garland, calling her “Queen of the Forest,” as night falls. The pair soon realizes that they have eaten all the strawberries and lost their way. They are now truly frightened, calling out for their father and mother. The Sandman comes, throwing magic dust as they sing their evening prayer and 14 angels descend to protect them in their sleep.


The forest, morning.

The Dewman awakens the children and they notice a little house made of confectionery. They begin to nibble at the extraordinary structure, which Gretel thinks must be a gift from the angels. But as they taste the house, they hear a voice within. The Witch appears and casts a rope around the neck of the unsuspecting Hansel, putting him in a cage.
In order to fatten Hansel up for her recipe, the Witch prepares more food for him. Meanwhile Gretel obtains the magic wand, frees Hansel from his cage, and the two children push the Witch into the oven. They then break the spell which had imprisoned other children in a gingerbread fence encircling the house. Peter and Gertrude, searching for their children enter. As the oven explodes, the Witch, now a giant cookie, is extracted and all cheer.


Courtesy of Sarasota Opera


Scott Purcell


Abigail Smith

Stacey Geyer-3 RT

Stacey Geyer

Jordan Schreiner Headshot 2015
The Gingerbread Witch

Jordan Schreiner

the Dew Fairy

Lianne Aharony

(Fridays, Sundays)


Christina Russo

(Fridays, Sundays)

the Dew Fairy

Lauren Silberstein



Karima Jibril