2015-2016 Season


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The Forum Theatre
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The Tri-Cities Opera Center
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The Tri-Cities Opera Center
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The Forum Theatre
Our 2015-2016 Season

…is groundbreaking for so many reasons.  In the tradition of our rich 66 year history, expect 2 grand productions at the Forum Theatre, but also expect opportunities to experience opera in a more intimate setting through our Signature Series at the Tri-Cities Opera Center on Clinton Street. Plan to be delighted and scandalized, overjoyed and devastated, enchanted and afraid as Tri-Cities Opera explores new repertoire and mounts Tri-Cities Opera/Binghamton premieres!

Our season now includes four productions and a recital series for a total of 6 events. Enjoy them all with our Premium Pass subscription or check out the various options to create a more customized package.


Tri-Cities Opera will offer two recitals as part of Our 2015-2016 Season.

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Join us in September as our singers welcome you to a year of fantastic productions.  Get to know their voices as they present your favorite arias from the standard repertoire.

NEW WORKS Recital Graphic

In January, we will present a recital of new works to whet your appetite for the exciting world of modern opera.  The art of composing opera is alive and well… experience these provocative new pieces and fall in love with the raw and accessible emotional content of this fresh music.